Costumes of The Great Gatsby: Then & Now

Top notch costume design is key in producing a period piece as grand as The Great Gatsby. This great task of dressing a whole cast in Jazz Age garb was accomplished once in Coppola’s 1974 adaptation and once more in Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 adaptation, but each film had a different approach in dealing with their costumes, and contemporary fashions were a major influence. In-depth comparisons of the major characters’ costumes in both films will show just how differently each adaptation tackled costuming.


2 thoughts on “Costumes of The Great Gatsby: Then & Now

  1. betmanuel says:


    What a wonderful video! While the length is a bit daunting (suggesting you could have easily worked on some edits to keep it under 10 minutes), it nevertheless flies by as you manage to offer a condensed summary of Gatsby while offering strong analysis of the different costumes at hand. I particularly enjoy the side-by-side comparisons at the tail end of the video.
    Great job!

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